Thursday, February 7, 2013

Will Ubuntu OS kill Android ? A new generation Mobile OS

In mobile market, Apple, Microsoft, Sony every one is targeting on Google's Android. In 3 years the Android had captured the mobile market keeping back of Apple and Windows. The greatest advantage on Android , is not only a smart OS and cost effective but also user friendly , compatible . Now when we check about the Ubuntu OS, some of the think that noticed is Ubuntu for phones will use native apps, and developers can create a single app for both the desktop and the PC , indirectly we can say cloud compatible. To override android, a simple technique that Ubuntu says is Ubuntu runs well on entry-level smartphones and  it uses the same drivers as Android. So now it’s easy to bring a better experience to customers all over the world. Developers can create native apps or lightweight HTML5 apps very eaisly without much effort.HTML5 apps written for other platforms can be adapted to Ubuntu with ease. Ubuntu uses QML to give you a really slick, easy development experience for native apps with engines in C or C++, and JavaScript for UI glue that isn’t performance critical. QML toolkit and sample application are available for download today, so there’s no better time to get started. What to know Click here

What Ubuntu gives for developers and others?

Ubuntu One personal cloud service provides every Ubuntu user with free storage space and the option to buy more for music and photos. But for developers, Ubuntu One offers much more. The U1DB cloud-syncing database provides APIs to sync any kind of data to the cloud.Ubuntu One enables you to develop integrated, differentiating services, without the need to maintain your own infrastructure. Among its features is an integrated identity management service, enabling you to manage identity, payments and service activation securely.