Monday, January 7, 2013

How to take Screenshots in Google Earth for Android

How to take Screenshots in Google Earth for Android
Google Earth app for Android has a built handy screen capture feature that permits you to capture and share screenshot images of the current view inside Earth with just a click. In this Google Earth’s built-in screen capture ,it will not have any on-screen clutter in the screenshot.

How to take Screenshots in Google Earth
First navigate to any location inside Google Earth
In the upper-right corner there is More menu , Click on that
There is a Share option in the drop-down.
Google Earth will automatically take a screenshot image of the current view of the Google earth
Now you can save in any of the cloud based servers of Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook

Skitch to capture the maps from Google Maps - APP LINK
Note as of now the screen-capture feature is not available inside the Google Maps app for Android.But there is another app called Skitch , which can capture screenshots of your Google Maps.
How to use skitch 
Open the Skitch app 
Choose Draw on Map
Search for a location on Google Maps 
Tap the “tick” symbol and then save a screenshot of the current view.