Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Free FAX to anywhere

Planning to buy a fax machine ? Just hold on. What are your requirement ? We expect that ,you are not searching for a bulk fax. Here we have a HelloFax , which you can send a decent amount (its free for 50 fax/month for first 6 months) of fax per month and more intresting its pure cloud based. So you can send fax where ever are in , if you have PC,netbook or even a smart phone . So how and what are the things that you need.
1. You need to have a Microsoft Hotmail or Live ID ( I think outlook will also do ) 
3. You can see in the botton and click on =>  Microsoft
4. A Pop up will tell you to login with your Microsoft Hotmail or Live ID 
5. Now you can upload the document that you need to FAX and enter the fax number with the ISD code ( Country code
6. Then Click on the Send it now 
7. Once its received the return receipt is will be seen in the skydrive

Now HelloFax is integrated with evernote - www.hellofax.com/evernote
Most advantage is sharing a reusable document,this is very usefull for some of the companies who want to share the documents and its more easy
1. Go to the Documents page and click Permissions
2. Check the people you’d like to share the reusable doc with.
3. Thats all When your team member logs in next, he or she will be able to access the reusable doc.

Some common FAQ 
What are the document format that hellofax supports ?
Hellofax supports pdf, doc, docx, ppsx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, tif, tiff, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, and html . In there blog then mentioned as , if there is any new format that user need , then "send email to support@hellofax.com; if there's enough demand, we'll start supporting that file type."

Can I send faxes to non-US numbers?
Hellofax currently supports faxing 70+ countries. For a complete list and price, click here.

Can I send a fax to multiple recipients at once?
Only Premium and Ultimate users can send a fax to multiple recipients at once.

Does the recipient know I'm sending from HelloFax?
YES . If you use our cover page builder we add some text that says, "Powered by HelloFax" to the cover sheet. We also add "HelloFax" on top of each page, next to the sender's fax number. If you send your document as an email, the user will see that the document was sent through HelloFax.

Can I use my current fax number with HelloFax?
As of now NO . They don't have the ability to port right now, but they are working on it for the future.

Is HelloFax secure?
Yes. Sensitive communications with HelloFax are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. This is the same level of encryption used by major retailers, banks, and government agencies.