Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to get hidden password from web browser

Some times you may save the password using auto save option in the web browser. In all the future login, the default password will be there and you just click Login button. What happen when you forgot the hidden password. Instead of doing a " Forgot Password" option here is a simple trick to get the password without much effort.
Video to show how to work on this 

Screen by screen explanation 
Here is the gmail login page , which the user name and password have saved. Think that you forget the password

Click the right button by placing the mouse pointer on password text and Click on the "Inspect Element"
 You can see the <input text="password"  Change that "password" to  "text"   ( Don't type double quotes )

You can see a type="text"   then press endter

After pressing enter you can see the real password is visible there