Thursday, December 27, 2012

Microsoft Surface RT a quick look

Windows RT, the version for ARM tablets of Microsoft's flagship OS, is available on a range of devices, including its own Surface RT.The 10.6 inch screen provides a fraction more room when compared to the apples iPad, but it's just as thin as Apple's tablet at 9.5 mm and isn't too heavy to carry, at 686g The Surface has a far more angular, business like yet sleek design. There is microSDXC slot, which lets you add up to 64GB more storage. There is a Touch Cover, just 3mm-thick with flat keys .Surface RT feels like a premium product right out the box. Windows RT designed to run on ARM processors, and the Surface is fitted with a 1.3GHz nVidia Tegra 3 quad-core chip and 2GB of memory. Most interaction is via the touchy Modern Ul with its tiled design. One handy feature is the ability to configure multiple user accounts. Logging into the tablet with our Windows Live account instantly populated the tablet with our contacts, email and calendar.The Store lets you buy apps, although many everyday utilities, including Facebook, Twitter. The Surface includes a preview of Office 2013. In short Surface a great portable productivity PC.
  • Processor: NVIDIA Tegra-based ARM chip
  • Weight: 676 grams
  • Thickness: 9.3 millimeters
  • Display: 10.6-inch ClearType HD capacitive touchpanel
  • Battery: 31.5Wh
  • I/O: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2x2 MIMO antennae
  • Software: Windows RT + Office Home & Student 2013 RT
  • Accessories: Touch Cover, Type Cover, VaporMg Case & Stand
  • Capacity: 32GB / 64GB
  • Availability: "Around" the Windows 8 launch (fall 2012)
  • Pricing: To be determined

Ratan Tata to retire on 28th Dec,2012

Tata, who turns 75 tomorrow will be retiring from the USD 100 billion global conglomerate.Ratan Naval Tata ,born 28 December 1937 is an Indian businessman of the Tata Group .He was the chairman of the group frm 1991 to 2012. He is an Indian industrialists as well as a philanthropists.Tata received the Padma Bhushan, one of India’s most distinguished civilian awards, in 2000 and Padma Vibhushan in 2008 and Lifetime Achievement Award awarded by prestigious Rockefeller Foundation in 2012.

Tata began his career in the Tata group in 1962; he initially worked on the shop floor of Tata Steel, shovelling limestone and handling the blast furnace.In 1991, JRD Tata stepped down as Tata Industries chairman, naming Ratan as his successor.In 1991 he was appointed as the chairman of the Tata group. Under his stewardship, Tata Tea acquired Tetley, Tata motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Steel acquired Corus, which have turned Tata from a largely India-centric company into a global business, with 65% revenues coming from abroad. He also pushed the development of Indica and the Nano.

2012 Honorary Degree The University of New South Wales 
2010 Business Leader of the Year The Asian Awards. 
2010 Honorary Doctor of Laws Pepperdine University.  
2010 Legend in Leadership Award Yale University. 
2008 Honorary Doctor of Science Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. 
2008 Honorary Doctor of Law University of Cambridge.  
2007 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 
2005 Honorary Doctor of Science University of Warwick. 
2004 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Technology Asian Institute of Technology. 

A quick look

Ratan N Tata has been the Chairman of Tata Sons, the promoter holding company of the Tata group, since 1991. He is also the Chairman of the major Tata companies, including Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Power, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Chemicals, Indian Hotels and Tata Teleservices. During his tenure, the group’s revenues have grown manifold, totalling over $100.09 billion in 2011-12.
Mr Tata also serves on the board of directors of Alcoa. He is also on the international advisory boards of Mitsubishi Corporation, the American International Group, JP Morgan Chase, Rolls Royce, Temasek Holdings and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Mr Tata is also associated with various organisations in India and overseas. He is the Chairman of two of the largest private-sector-promoted philanthropic trusts in India. He is a member of the Indian Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry. He is the President of the Court of the Indian Institute of Science and Chairman of the Council of Management of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He also serves on the board of trustees of Cornell University and the University of Southern California.

Mr Tata joined the Tata group in 1962. After serving in various companies, he was appointed Director-in-charge of the National Radio and Electronics Company in 1971. In 1981, he was named Chairman of Tata Industries, the group’s other promoter holding company, where he was responsible for transforming it into a group strategy think-tank, and a promoter of new ventures in high technology businesses.

Mr Tata received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell in 1962. He worked briefly with Jones and Emmons in Los Angeles before returning to India in late 1962. He completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 1975.

The Government of India honoured Mr Tata with its second-highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan, in 2008. He has also received honorary doctorates from several universities in India and overseas.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Acer Iconia B1 tablet for just $99

Acer Iconia B1 tablet for just $99. Will it be a hot news for 2013 ? Not sure as 2013 will be an era for low cost tablet where 2012 is an year for tablets. What can be the features of Acer Iconia B1 tablet . Just for a name sake tablet, or can be a tab will all most all the features ? It was told that it have the similar feature of Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook - 1,024 x 600 display and a 1.2GHz processor. What OS ? Acer Iconia B1 tablet will powered by Android Jelly Bean (4.1) . We are thinking that , if it needs to be sold in US in the early months of 2013 , then it would have submitted the device to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. But still the USD 99 is a rumor , no one have confirmed that Acer is going to sell tab for $99. But for sure , if the Acer can sell that for $99 , then it will be a market break for the Tab, even local brand have to quit from the tab market. 

Fifth generation iPad on March 2013

Its time to get the information of fifth generation of iPad. Rumors started spreading on the specification . Till now apple didn't confirm what are the new features or they have any plan to have the next generation of iPad or what it is called or any other new product etc. The iPad generation goes as The iPad, the iPad 2 , iPad Retina display and mini iPad . So are we expecting iPad X ? . If so what can be the features ? . The retina display , they introduced to have the same feeling of its notebook, and till date no one have overtaken for its clarity . The iPad 4 launch was the introduction of the Mini with a sleek 7.87 inch in height, 5.3 inch in width and 0.28 inch in depth. For sure , apple may be concentration more on the thickness, speed and the quality of touch pad as well as the display and more importantly the cost . We are getting the samsung galaxy which have almost the same features with less price, so for sure they may consider about the cost also. The next-generation may be a full-size iPad, which can just replace a net-book. Now apple has got another major competitor from Google’s Nexus 7 and Microsoft’s Surface. As more product come they have to work on each and every element such as 
  1. Cost
  2. Quality 
  3. Durability
  4. Support
  5. Apps
    and so one
To have a miracle change they should have dimensions of 4 mm in height, 17 mm in width, and 2 mm in depth. Do you think that it is possible ? Lets see what is going to have in March 2013.

How to get hidden password from web browser

Some times you may save the password using auto save option in the web browser. In all the future login, the default password will be there and you just click Login button. What happen when you forgot the hidden password. Instead of doing a " Forgot Password" option here is a simple trick to get the password without much effort.
Video to show how to work on this 

Screen by screen explanation 
Here is the gmail login page , which the user name and password have saved. Think that you forget the password

Click the right button by placing the mouse pointer on password text and Click on the "Inspect Element"
 You can see the <input text="password"  Change that "password" to  "text"   ( Don't type double quotes )

You can see a type="text"   then press endter

After pressing enter you can see the real password is visible there

Monday, December 17, 2012

Save web page or image directly into cloud - Google drive

When you are browsing from your office or internet cafe, you see some interesting a article or a nice image , you think, you want that image or article for future reference. Most of them will save those and then send to your own email or manually upload that to your cloud drive. Here it comes a Chrome app to directly save the web page or image alone to your cloud drive. This will surely help you to do a double work and easy accessibility in the future . So what you need to do :
Just install the App "Save to Google Drive"   : Link
Add to Chrome
Now if you want to save any image of Web just right click you can see "Save to Google Drive"  and then two option's "Save Link to Google Drive " or "Save Image to Google Drive" . Its upto you to decide.

On right click you will see this.

Google Chrome descriptions about this App
"Save web content to Google Drive.
The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension helps you save web content to your Google Drive.
* Adds a browser action to save the current page.
* Adds a right-click context menu to save hyperlinks, documents and media.

This extension allow you to save web content directly to Google Drive through a browser action or context menu. You can save documents, images, and HTML5 audio and video all by right clicking and selecting 'Save to Google Drive'. You can save the currently viewed page using the 'Save to Google Drive' browser action. The format of saved HTML pages can be controlled with the extension's options page (Choice of Entire image (default), Visible image, Raw HTML, MHTML, or Google Doc). You can automatically convert Microsoft Office files or comma separated files to Google docs format.

After your content is saved, the progress dialog allows you to open the file, rename, or view the file in the Google Drive document list. From the document list, you can organize and share your new document.

To save a file:// URLs, or to enable in incognito mode, go to chrome://extensions/ and enable the associated checkbox.

Due to security restrictions, this extension cannot capture chrome:// pages or Chrome Web Store pages.

By installing this item, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at"
Link :

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to search in Gmail based on attachment size

These days you are getting lot of emails with huge attachment and you may see that your Gmail space getting exhausted day by day . So you want to search the Gmail with huge attachment and may be,  you can delete of move to some other email address. So how to search Gmail  with huge attachment . There is a simple search in, Gmail .
size:[size in bytes]
You have type the above command in the search box  with approximate size in byte
Note : 1 MB = 1048576 Bytes
So if you want 3 MB then size in bytes = 3145728 and it should be written as size:3145728

Monday, December 10, 2012

Resolved - Blogger issue - "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12" Godaddy

I was trying to redirect my blog registered in blogspot to a domain registered with godaddy . But when I tried every time its showing as "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12" After a long analysis , I found the reason . There are two thing that you need to do in Godaddy.
You need to do "Quick Add " in CNAME (Alias) section
a) In the Host section you need to add  www    and  Points to  you need to add
b) do one more "Quick Add " in CNAME (Alias) section , In the blogger you can see a message as bellow ,
Add two CNAME records. For the first CNAME, where it says NameLabel or Host enter "www" and where it says DestinationTarget orPoints To enter "" . For the second CNAME, enter "IU7IEF7LOI72" as the Name and 
"" as the Destination. See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars. If yours isn't listed, or if you run into other difficulties, contact your registrar directly and they can help you out

In the Host section you need to add  IU7IEF7LOI72   and  Points to  you need to add

The above will be different for each blogg name . Make sure that you entered.

Godaddy control pannel looks like this

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cyber Monday concept in India on 12/12/12

What is Cyber Monday ? In United States the first Monday after the Thanks Giving day , there will be lot of deals in online and its the marketing term for the Monday after Black Friday. This was introduced on 2005th and the retailers said that their sales increased substantially.In 2010 , they break the record of having sales of more than 1 billion USD. As of today in India its planned as on December 12, 2012. The idea behind is by City bank when it  announced its plans to launch a one-day online shopping sale in India on December 5, 2012 for its customers. Normally when some one is planning for some thing in 3 to 6 months, they may pre plan every thing on this particular day , so that will automatically increase the sales. 

The main intention in India is to promote the online industry and focus to reach out more customers. Recently there are lot of online business happening here in India, including grocery and vegetables . Recently in metros , normally people do this , as they don't want to spend more time in traffic, parking problem ,parking fee etc can be easily reduced , and more than that discount are more in online

Some of the site that is expected to participate in this are