Monday, October 29, 2012

How to add and remove an email account in Windows 8 Mail

For each Windows release , Microsoft is trying to make more and more user friendly. For the previous version , you need to add POP 3 then SMTP server , Port number etc. Now its become more easy. When you first use the mail app in the new Windows 8, the accounts page will be opened on the left. To add an Google, Hotmail or Exchange , just simply swipe your finger inward from the right edge of the screen and the charms open . You can always bring up the charms with the mouse and keyboard , by moving your mouse to the top or bottom corners along the right edge of the screen or by holding down the windows Key and by pressing the letters A .
1. Select Setting 
2. Select Accounts
and from the settings page you can add new accounts.  To add a Google account , Click on Google , Add your Google email and password , then click connect . Now your account is added. After the charms appears