Sunday, October 7, 2012

1 Gbps broadband for home users in India

India going rich for broadband . India is going to have the ultra speed broadband in less than an year. Its going to have 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps in six to nine \months. In the initial launch, 9 cities are included as per telecom infrastructure firm Radius Infra tel . We are not able to explain how the speed is , in short we can say as a two hour high definition movie you can download in 30 seconds. A normal DVD quality you can download in less than 5 Seconds. As this is a mega move from the information technology , they are not yet revealed the service providers as well as cities preferred for the same. They also informed that the deployment is ready for Gurgaon.Radius Infratel has a plan of giving connection to real estate  developers such as Unitech, Omaxe, Paramount, Emaar MGF, Mantri, DLF, Ansal, Vipul, ATS, Vipul, M3M for providing high speed optic fiber which can support 1 Gbps data transfer . As per the information , as of now in US only one state, Kansas City  is having 1 Gbps network and that is provided by Google. 

Right now only high performing research and development organisation are only having these kind of connection and the numbers are really countable .  

Radius Infratel already proved there lightning speed Broadband connectivity for Voice, Video, Data rides on the strength of FTTH – Fibre to the Home in Gurgaon.

What is FTTH ?

FTTH (fiber-to-the-home): FTTH (fiber to the home) is a form of fiber-optic communication delivery that reaches one living or working space. The fiber extends from the central office to the subscriber's living or working space. Once at the subscriber's living or working space, the signal may be conveyed throughout the space using any means, including twisted-pair, coaxial cable, wireless, power line communication, or optical fiber.

The speeds of fiber-optic and copper cables are both limited by length, but copper is much more sharply limited in this respect. For example, the common form of gigabit ethernet (1Gbps) runs over relatively economical category 5e, category 6, or augmented category 6 unshielded twisted-pair copper cabling but only to 300 ft (91 m). However, 1Gbps ethernet over fiber can easily reach tens of miles.