Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to remove duplicates in one click - Excel 2007

Excel tips : There are lot of options in excel , for removing duplicates. Here is the screen shot which helps you to understand how to remove duplicates in a single column as well as in multiple column in one click . There is no need to write any script or any code. There are built in options in the Excel 2007 onward.  
The following is the sample data, here there are 4 duplicates

In the top ribbon, you can see the 5th ribbon as Data , marked in red box, click on that . Now you can see "Remove Duplicates" marked in red . I hope now you can get what you are searching for . 

Select the column that you want to remove the duplicate and click on " Remove Duplicates"
 You can see the a pop up came with "Column B" and its checked , which means its going to remove duplicates from "Column B" . Click OK 
Its done, you can see 4 duplicates is removed

Now consider , you want to select from multiple column and then remove the duplicate, Same row with same data ( What I mean is that . merging or two column and then validating the data ) 
Now there is point that you need to be care full 
a) You have to select a single range. ( I mean , DONT SELECT , Column B  and Column D separately, you have to select Column B to Column D ) . If you Select separately Column B  and Column D, you will get the 
following message . 

Click OK and then select  from Column B to Column D
b) Now click on "Remove Duplicate" 
c) Now if you want to remove Column C , as there is no data, click on the CHECK BOX  on Column C , then Click OK
 Now you can see the duplicates are removed . 
Hope you got what you required. 

Happy birthday Chrome ... Its 4 years.

Its 4 years ...
Even though Google's Chief Executive Eric Schmidt was opposing like anything , when the cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page thought of having a Google's own browser. They started by hiring several Mozilla Firefox developers. Eventhough Mozilla was not officially a Google browser, it grows in such a way as official Google borwser.After seeing a demo version of Chrome , Eric Schmidt  supported the Google's new product. 

The initial version was for Microsoft Windows and the beta released on September 2, 2008 . The same month large portion of Chrome's source code released as an open source project called Chromium, and that was one of the greatest success of Chrome. During the initial release it self it was for 43 languages. The same year Chrome gained the about 1% usage share. After three months , on January 2009, they  released a versions of Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux. There were lot of development happend on 2009 and 2010 , and on  May 25, 2010 the first stable release came to live. Chrome was a assembled from 25 different code libraries from different vendors and number of other open-source projects. 
The major features are, more secure, fast , stable and JavaScript processing speed. So far no security vulnerabilities in Chrome had been successfully exploited. The private browsing feature called Incognito mode was one of the nice feature normally like computer experts , which prevents the browser from permanently storing any history information or cookies from the websites visited. Compartively chrome is much faster than any other browser, but the resource utilization is much more that all other broweser, but it dosent matters as all the computer are having high memory speed. These days they are working on high resolution Retina support, which they can compete to Apples next generation
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