Friday, August 3, 2012 , what and how it is different from others

After a long time we are hearing something that Microsoft product , which is different from others. Actually is what ? How is it different from others. Here I will have some details which I think , its a bit different from others.
Login with temporary password. 
Now a days the hackers and others sources are trying to get your email password in many sources, especially from public computers. When your mobile is connecuted to a , then you can login to any computer without the acutall password. When login they will ask for mobile number, and Microsoft will send a Text message to your cell , That password will be working for only one time . So its a good security feature.
Unlimitted virtual storage
As there are n number of email providers, I wont say that its a high end feature, still , is giving virtually unlimited storage
Viewing Photographs : 
Photographs can be viewed as slide show.For this also , I wont say that its a high end feature, as most of them providing this feature.
Temporary email aliases:
Yes. I would really welcome this . Some of them are giving this , but this is a very good feature for me . If some one wants to give his or her email address for temporary , he can create a temporary email and get this email in his original email address. when ever he wants he can remove the temporary email , he can just delete the temporary email address
more to come ....