Friday, March 30, 2012

Google next target to capture iPad market

Did Google's smart phone Nexus One is a success ? It was said that even though it sold 100,000 in three months and broken even the investment, its still not a successes. Now googles new move is to capture the tablet market, which it considered its main rival as new iPad. There plan is to sell its tablet only thru online. As of now , it has to compete with a large number of existing products , Apples new iPad, Samsung Galaxy and the Amazon's Fire. 

Similar to Nexus which is manufactured by HTC, Google has no plan of making any hardware by its own.Google may depend on its existing partners like Samsung or Azus Tex Computers. No details are reveled by any Google's spokesman. In June-July the the new version on Android , Jelly Bean will be releaseing and may be this tablet may use its brand new Operating system. 

Even though , they may depend on Samsung or Azus Tex Computers, in the latter stage they may start building it own tablet with its Motorola Mobility Holdings which bought for $12.5 billion. Right now its awaiting some approval from Chinese government. As of now Apple has almost 73% of tablet market. Google intention is to make its revenue from mobile device to reach $2.5 Billion.   

Motorola's Xoom was the first tablet optimized for Android software.