Monday, November 28, 2011

Earthquake Notification Service

The Earthquake Notification Service (ENS) is a free service that sends you automated notification emails when earthquakes happen in your area.New accounts default to receiving notifications about earthquakes with magnitude 6.0 or greater however you can customize ENS to only deliver messages for certain areas, at specified times, and to multiple addresses. ENS can even send text notifications to your cell phone. 
The U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program Earthquake Notification Service (ENS) is a customizable system provided free to everyone. New accounts receive, by default, all earthquakes with magnitude 6.0 or greater; you can subsequently customize these settings to better fit your needs. You can receive earthquake notifications for any earthquakes located by the ANSS/NEIC (Advanced National Seismic System/National Earthquake Information Center) in the U.S. and around the World. Information for earthquakes in the U.S. is generally available within 5 minutes; information for earthquakes elsewhere in the World is generally available within 30 minutes.
Customizable Options:
  1. Functional in English and Spanish
  2. Specify your local time zone
  3. Specify affiliation
  4. Aftershock exclusion option
  5. Update Notifications option
  6. Defer Notifications option
  7. Add, remove, or change multiple email addresses (up to 15)
  8. Define multiple notification profiles
  9. Activate/Deactivate each profile individually
  10. Set notification magnitude thresholds for night and day hours
  11. Receive emails in 4 formats: HTML, long, short (for pagers and cell phones), and raw CUBE format messages.
  12. Create a notification profile region from a list of predefined regions
  13. Create a rectangular profile region by drawing it on a map, or by specifying opposite corners
  14. Create a circular profile region by drawing it on a map, or by specifying center and radius
  15. Make a custom polygon profile region by picking points on a map, or uploading XML
  16. View the most recent events sent to your account
  17. Select seismic networks to receive events from (scientists only; default is to receive from all networks)
  18. Remove profiles
  19. Manage/Delete account

Subscribe Step 1 - Send Sample Email

ENS offers a quick way to preview an event message by allowing you to send yourself a sample email. The sample email is in the standard ENS HTML format.
Included in the sample email is a link that allows you to quickly sign up for ENS. Clicking this link confirms that you own this email address, which allows you to skip step 3 of the subscription process.
To send a sample email, click the Try ENS or Subscribe button on the ENS homepage. This will bring up a dialog box like the following:

Enter your email ENS will send the sample email to this address. If you choose to sign up via the sample email, this email address will become the primary address associated with your account.
Enter the word shown in the image above Copy the 5 letters from the image into the text box below. The letters are not case sensitive.
The image is called a CAPTCHA, which contain pseudo-randomly generated letters. The CAPTCHA prevents automated programs from filling out the form and sending unsolicited ENS emails.
If you cannot read the letters in the image, click Get New Code to generate 5 new letters. If you require assistance, please email the ENS Administrator:

Subscribe Step 2 - Set up Account

sample ENS email, the email field will be filled in for you. If you clicked directly on the Sign Up for ENS link, you must enter an email. After clicking Subscribe, you will need to check your email to receive your confirmation code. You will have an opportunity to enter additional email addresses using the My Email Addresses tab once you register.
UsernameThis can be any username you want to use. If it is already taken, a red X will appear next to the field, along with a message notifying you of the error. If you ignore the error, you will see a message when you submit the form, and will be given the opportunity to choose another username.
If you are signing up via a sample email, ENS will attempt to create a username for you based on the first part of your email address.
Password/ConfirmEnter a password twice, once in each box. This will allow you to login and manage your account.
SubscribePlease read the Disclaimer in the box below the Subscribe button. Clicking Subscribe will create your account then either log you in to ENS, or display a message instructing you to check your email for a confirmation code.
In order to send event notifications at the proper hours, the system will attempt to guess your time zone. After registering, you can check if it is correct by going to the Account Preferences tab. What's my time zone?
ENS will remember the language (English or Spanish) you used when filling out the form, and present content in this language whenever possible. Your language preference, along with many other account settings, can be changed in the Account Preferences tab.

Subscribe Step 3 - Confirm Email (Only for users that did not request a sample email)

After subscribing, you need to confirm that you own the email address you used to sign up. ENS will send you an email with a 3 digit confirmation code, which you have to enter after logging in.
Confirming your email:
  • Ensures that you did not mistype your address
  • Prevents other people/spam bots from signing up with your address