Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beware of using smartphone App for Banking and others

A software deveploper named Trevor Eckhart  has found and hidden application in smartphone which records each and evey action that is happening in the phone .Eckhart has uploaded an 17-minute video on YouTube that shows the same. The app which he shows is called as HTC IQ Agent on the EVO 3D and most important is it’s impossible to stop the application from running in the app settings on HTC Android devices.Each functions that you are doing ,sending sms,or dialing phone number etc are recorded in this .The developer has been in a legal battle with Carrier IQ for some time now. Eckhart started making waves across the privacy community earlier this month after he dug into software developed by Carrier IQ .

Carrier IQ took offense to Eckhart's claim, saying that its software is a "diagnostic tool" for companies to "improve the quality of the network, understand device issues, and ultimately improve the user experience." . Carrier IQ also took the opportunity to clarify what its software doesn't do, including record keystrokes, provide tracking tools, or inspect "the content of e-mails and SMSs." The company also argued that its software does not "provide real-time data reporting to any customer." Although Eckhart's data comes from Android devices, it's worth noting that Carrier IQ's software is running on over 130 million mobile devices worldwide, including those made by Nokia and Research In Motion.

"The Carrier IQ application is embedded so deeply in the device that it can't be fully removed without rebuilding the phone from source code."
--Trevor Eckhart, Android security researcher