Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yahoo! on Sale ?

Microsoft’s Steve Balmer, should “Thanks”, for its failure on Yahoo! deal on 2008. If it happened, that will be the one of the major acquisition in the Technology world. The offer was for $46.6 Billion on February. Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang, some how try to kill the deal and he won for not selling Yahoo on May . Now when its quarter earning results released we realize that Yahoo is just $19.5 billion, and its less than 50% of what Microsoft offered. Forgetting on the acquisition of yahoo, Microsoft and Yahoo finalized a search partnership in 2009 .
Yahoo's profit and revenue slipped year-on-year during the third quarter, as the company saw weakness in sales of its so-called non-premium online display ads, as well as in its search advertising business. Yahoo, fired former CEO Carol Bartz in early September before the end of the third quarter, gained around 3 per cent to $15.98 in after hours trading on Tuesday. Recently Yahoo is struggling to get the online ads as as Web surfers and advertisers moved to social networking giant Facebook and Internet search king Google Inc.
Now , some questions will come
Will yahoo again on SALE? for 50% 
Who is going to Buy ? Google,Facebook,Microsoft
Or whether yahoo has any other plan? Yahoo+