Friday, October 7, 2011

Oracle in to cloud

Now Oracle, Fusion appication and others have the capability of running in cloud service. This is in cuch a way as platform as a service and applications as a service. This has the interoperability with other cloud environment. Oracle Public Cloud uses Java, SQL, XML and other standards.Oracle CEO Larry Ellison mentiond some thing different about heroku, another cloud service , you can get in to the cloud, but when you enter in to it , thats the world, you cant get out of that . The advantage what Ellison mentions is that, it not like the heroku, which needs its own version of Java that only runs in Heroku.

But as far as Oracle cloud is concerned, you can take any existing Oracle database you have and move it to our cloud.You can just move it across and it runs unchanged. Oh by the way, you can move it back if you want to. You can move it to the Amazon cloud if you want to. You can do development and test on our cloud and go into production in your data center ... and nothing changes.Oracle Public Cloud will be available through subscription pricing. Like any other cloud service, the new Oracle cloud is designed to enable IT shops to get as much capacity as they need on demand.There’s also a 30-day trial period for all services

The Oracle Public Cloud is made up of five parts:
Oracle’s Fusion Applications
Oracle Fusion Middleware
Oracle Database
Sun Systems, OS, VM
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Oracle recommended at least two operating systems
Oracle Linux - Designed for clustered environments with a low cost of deployment.
Oracle Solaris 11- The only OS out there today” capable of handling hundreds of terabytes of memory and huge amounts of I/O with 10 times faster provisioning

The cloud is made up of two stacks:
Fusion CRM, HCM and Talent, along with the social network
Database, Hava, data and security services

The Oracle Public Cloud offers self-service, subscription-based access to Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database as a service, including:

Oracle Fusion CRM Cloud Service: designed to be effective, efficient and easy to use, Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) delivers integrated sales and marketing with sales performance management that enables companies to generate more quality sales opportunities, increase their win rate and gain faster time to value.

Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service: built from the ground up to help customers do things their way, know their people better and work as a team, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) rethinks the business of HR to provide value to every person in an organization – from HR professionals to employees and managers.

Oracle Social Network: an enterprise collaboration and social networking solution with a broad range of social tools designed to capture and share information amongst teams in the context of business processes and enterprise applications (such as CRM and HCM). Oracle Social Network enables natural conversations and jump-starts productivity with purposeful social networking without the noise of unrelated or random social conversations.

Oracle Database Cloud Service: enterprise database service based on the industry’s #1 database, Oracle Database, providing access to database schemas, application development tools, data loading services, Web Services APIs, and a set of packaged business productivity applications.

Oracle Java Cloud Service: enterprise platform for developing, deploying and managing business-critical Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications based on Oracle WebLogic Server, the industry’s #1 application server. Supports development and deployment from multiple Java IDEs, including Oracle JDeveloper, NetBeans and Eclipse.

All Oracle Public Cloud services have a unified self-service user interface for provisioning, monitoring and managing all services.

During his keynote presentation today, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Public Cloud, a broad set of best-in-class, integrated services that provide customers with subscription-based, self-service access to Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle.

The Oracle Public Cloud includes Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cloud Service, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud Service, Oracle Social Network, Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service.

The Oracle Public Cloud runs on Oracle Engineered Systems, providing customers and partners with a high-performance, reliable, elastic, and secure infrastructure for their critical business applications.

The Oracle Public Cloud is the only public cloud that offers customers a complete range of business applications and technology solutions, avoiding the problems of data and business process fragmentation when customers use multiple siloed public clouds.

The Oracle Public Cloud is the only public cloud offering that provides customers with truly flexible deployment by enabling them to run the exact same business applications in the cloud and on-premise.

Customers can also take existing standard Java and Oracle Database applications and deploy them to the Oracle Public Cloud without rewriting them, allowing them to take advantage of their existing IT assets, skills and ecosystems.

Pricing for the Oracle Public Cloud will be based on a monthly subscription model, and each service can be purchased independently of other services.

The Oracle Public Cloud provides many common services, including resource management and isolation, security, data exchange and integration, virus scanning, white list management, and centralized self-service monitoring.

Customers who are interested in Oracle’s Public Cloud, want to learn about its services, or register to use these services can do so at