Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make your data safe with cloud and work with cloud

Are you still sending all your important data or most memorable photos to your email for a back up or are you uploading all your photos to Google's Picasa or Yahoo's Flickr or any other servic or are you taking back up all data in CD or DVD or in Blue ray or keeping a separate hard drive for it. If you are doing all the above, why cant you try to save your all in Cloud storage.
There are ample of service that offer you free cloud storage up to 25 GB.Lets have a look on some of the most commonly used. Its the Microsoft's Skydive( Yes, Skydrive is the one of many which give 25GB of free cloud storage.What is the advantage of having my files in Skydiver vs my email storage. If you are thinking both as storage , then No there is no difference. Think some thing like , if you want the share some of your documents or Photo. What you will do , Just send then the email which you have , or you will attach and send it. No think , some thing like this, you are sending email of 100 MB of your Photos , Now it will be in your send email(You can delete that , still ... ) , you are sending to your 20 Friends, so in total, 100 MB data becomes 2000 MB(2GB).Now you have stored all in cloud, and then sharing that to your 20 Friends thru a link , so the result is, this 100 MB remains 100MB it self , your friends email is not full. Hope this is a good example that you can think of the advantage of clould storage.

Now lets have another advantage of Cloud.
Are you working for a organization,or you have a personal business. So surely you have a shared drive in your server , where you keep your day today activity data. Going to office morning and working till after noon , you are thinking of working from home rest of the day. After reaching home , you will download the file that you worked till after noon and start the remaining from home, and after that keep the file back to the server. You may need a secured connection of VPN token to access your office network.

Now think of an application that is in cloud which can be login to internet.As the data is already in cloud there is no separate service to access for it. You can work from any where you will as long as you are connected to internet. In that case the advantage of cloud is not a small one , Even you can work during commuting to office. So more productivity. You can try this with Google docs. ( ) . Its also a free service. There are more application coming to cloud, even CRM package are in cloud , A good one which I saw for CRM and docs is Zoho ( ). Even there are photo editing tools with cloud  Pixlr ( So no need to install the software in your computer and you can use any where, the only thing you need is a web browser.
You can try some of the free service of cloud concept
Now what you think of Cloud. Its the future!