Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s ? Tim Cook’s first challenge

Tomorrow is the day for Apple fans to decide what is the difference in management between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. Till now no details what the new release. Is it an iPhone 5 or is that called and iPhone 4S, or nothing related to harware, a software release or some thing else. If its a success then , its good enough for Tim else, start comparing with Steve Jobs.
So far as the prediction goes, some of the key things are
a) Apple A5 chip
b) 1 GB of RAM
c) Voice recognition layer - Assistant
d) powerful 8 MP camera – A revamped Camera application
Main key questions
Does it have a larger screen or compact screen?
Any change in Hardware design
The crowd will expect more as its more than an year ( approx 15 months ) since the last iPhone event happed ( Release of iPhone 4) . Even though iPhone hit the market, its still iPhone 3GS, the second largest in market .
If there no release of an Iphone newer version ,then it will be a great disappointment to the apple fans across the world. Lets hope for the best.