Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hardcore facebook users leaving.

Facebook president Sean Parker, after joining it main rival service, starts releasing some of the bad news on Facebook . The success of social networking is it number of users. So as if the number of users getting reduce its naturally a bad news and face book is now facing that. Sean Parker , informed that , the most active users are leaving facebook, in search of some thing new like Twitter or Google Plus. Hearing this news , we naturally feel that he want to market twitter, as he joined there. But in the soical networking , all are in search for new things. Just like Orkut, now its a history. We are pretty sure that , google may release a news as “We are going to close Orkut and going to integrate with google Plus. Sean Parker is the one who defends the Spotify’s decision to integrate the music service with Facebook . As per him , if facebook agree, then they need to give access of 800 million users, which is there strenth. Sean Parker is one of the major share holder of facebook.Sean Parker is the co-founder of Napster