Saturday, October 22, 2011

Google to Buy Yahoo!

Google is thinking on buying its life long competitor Yahoo. According to the report, it stated contacting some venture capital firms to help in analyzing the entire business of yahoo and its market value. Even though the search giant started internally , it didnt have the official proposal with yahoo . Still the news is not yet confirmed. Even though the deal with Microsoft didnt go fine two years back , still there is a chance for Microsoft for the same. During that time, the value of Yahoo is said to be 46.5 Billion , but right now its less that 20 Billion . Last year Yahoo signed a 10-year search partnership with Microsoft Corp on its ads marketing. As per the business Yahoo hasn't been able to increase revenue even as the Internet ad market grows by more than 20% annually.
Yahoo! has been the the massive interest from other internet companies since the sacking last month of chief executive Carol Bartz, less than three years after she was brought in to help turn around the struggling Internet firm.
The chairman of Chinese company Alibaba on Thursday said he expected an answer from Yahoo! within weeks to his long-standing offer to buy all or part of the US company, saying delays were hurting both firms.Several other companies are also rumored to be eyeing Yahoo!, including Microsoft and US. Let me think some thing else, why cant social networking giant Facebook give a try for that?