Friday, October 14, 2011

Google target for Hulu for $4 Billion dropped.

It was not a rumor, that Hulu was on sale. Yes it was on sale when one of the dot com giant express its interest in it , its no other than Yahoo. Yahoo may want a video site to compete with Google's You tube. As soon as this news comes up the bidders starts increasing, all the dot com super power came to picture, Yahoo, Google, Amazon , Microsoft .

Yahoo needs Hulu for $2 billon with a guarantee that Hulu’s current slate of content. Hulu already made a word to buyers a five years of programming. Even Hulu relies heavily on content from its network partners, NBC Universal, Disney and News Corp . Hulu launched in March 12, 2008

Google as usual was targetting premium content, which is also why it now offers movie rentals and acquired Next New Networks. Yahoo on the other side was trying to keep its stand on this market even though its  revenues are dropping and it needs to make a big splash to reinvent itself . The final bid from google was $4 billon and the need longer-term guarantees to its video content.

The primarily providers of Hulu’s premium videos are by Disney who owns ABC, Comcast who owns NBC-Universal and News Corporation who owns Fox.In addition to NBC, ABC and Fox programs and movies, Hulu carries shows from other networks such as Current TV, PBS, USA Network, Bravo, Fuel TV, FX, NFL Network, Speed, Big Ten Network, Syfy, Style, Sundance, E!, G4, Versus, A&E, Oxygen and online comedy sources such as Onion News Network

Hulu’s senior management said in a joint statement. “Our focus now rests solely on ensuring that our efforts as owners contribute in a meaningful way to the exciting future that lies ahead for Hulu.”

Hulu's owner's are
(a)NBCUniversal (32%)
(b)Fox Entertainment Group (31%)
(c)Disney-ABC Television Group (27%)
(d)Providence Equity Partners (10%

Hulu Plus is available on a wide range of platforms
(a)Blu-ray players (network-enabled)
(b)Televisions (network-enabled Smart TVs)
(d)PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles
(e)Roku Streaming Player
(f)WD TV Media Player

Networks and channels
(a)Fox: FOX, FX, Fox News, Fox Business
(b)NBC Universal: NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Syfy, Oxygen
(c)The Walt Disney Company: ABC, ABC Family
(d)The Biography Channel
(e)MTV Networks: MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, TV Land, Spike, Nickelodeon
(f)National Geographic Channel
(g)Comedy Central

Producers and distributors
(e)American Broadcasting Company
(f)News Corporation
(h)Public Broadcasting Service
(i)Sony Pictures
(j)Time Warner