Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Generating electricity from road traffic

The concept of generating electricity from road was an innovative idea from Israeli company Innowattech , in association with Technion University. The plan is to implement the system on the nation's highways. As usual , the electricty is produced by a generator, which needs inplant in road. The energy is produced when vehicle drives over them. Each generator can generate approximate 2000 walts of power and will be stored in battery .They claim that a 1km stretch of the power-generating asphalt will generate 400kW - enough power to run eight small cars.This works by embedding tiny piezoelectric crystals into the road. They claim that if the system was installed on every stretch of British motorway it would generate enough energy to run 34,500 small cars.

Edri-Azoulay,the manager of the project stated that installing the program on a single traffic lane stretching one kilometer would produce 200 kilowatts of electricity hour and a four lane highway with the system implemented would produce a megowatt of electricity, enough to power 2,500 households. The similar kind of innovation was done by Californian local. The system would not be dependant on weather and does not require the construction of large-scale infrastructure.The kinetic energy of a truck barreling down a highway to compress tanks of hydraulic fluid located in plates on the road surface. This creates a pumping action that can turn a generator and produce electricity.