Thursday, September 22, 2011

India’s $2500 worth car become million Dollar car

Tata Motors’s Tata Nano, legendary $2,500 car  , came in a new style with covered GOLD.Titan Industries-owned Goldplus has made an unaffordable car designed to appeal to the masses with its conspicuous use of gold and jewelry.Nano with 80 kilograms of gold (22 karat, of course), 15 kilograms of silver, and precious and semi precious stones including rubies, pearls, emeralds, and the black beads worn by Hindu brides in a necklace. The price that is 2200 times the price of the original car.
Tata's Gold Plus stores are celebrating 5000 years of jewelry making in India and to celebrate this 5000 years of Jewellery making in India, Tata decided to cover the Nano with Gold, Silver and jewels.
The Gold Plated Tata Nano is studded with 176 pounds of 22 karat gold, 33 pound of silver and more than 10,000 precious gems and stones. The resulting cost for this Tata Nano would be somewhere around $4.6 million.