Friday, September 23, 2011

Dart programming language from Google

After the release of GO Lang from Google on 2009, we didnt hear any thing from our search giant.May be the last one that I head is appengine supports the Go lang , mean while the cost of appengine increased like anything. Every one was busy with Android and the Motorola's acquisition by Google.  So what is DART ? No idea. They are not ready to reveal any thing till October . On October they may release the brief on GOTO developers conference . May be that conference may be for this new programming languages release. But we may expect this may change the web programming or no one cares.
Thinking +ve , the key people involved are Lars Bak , who worked for Sun many years , who owns dozens of patents and Gilad Bracha , a veteran of SAP Labs . The only thing that we can think is the new language, is purely for web and will need Chrome / Android . Bracha blogs mentioned that “However, Javascript remains a seriously limited language for platform implementation. Here are some of the problems.Concurrency primitives. There aren’t any.”  So are they targeting Oracle’s Java? One thing by reading Bracha’s blog , I felt that , this Dart is a language that has the capability of communicating to the machine directly like C and in the same time it can play around with Web.