Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can Amazon Kindle Fire replace iPad ?

After lot of buzz we finally got the details of Amazons brand new Kindle Fire, they called as replacement of iPad. After knowing the features of Kindle, what I think , why Amazon came with this is not to replace the iPad or RIM’s PlayBook or any android tabs. They are sure that with the classic kindle they cant survive in this market.The only thing that customers get attracted is with it price , just $199 for its 7-inch color touch-screen tablet with android 2.3. I think no one else is quoting lower than this. But do you think a person who carries this on his travel will accept a tab without a camera, yeah unfortunately no camera.

A normal DVD quality movie needs 2.8 GB of space, so Kindle Fire cant hold more than 3 movies, as its just  8GB of internal memory and no media slots. As usual Amazon limits to only 6 things that you can do with this product Newsstand for magazines, Books, Music, Movies, Docs, Apps and Web. Oh for got to mention in the first, It don't have 3G, but comes with Wi-Fi ( Thanks for that ) .

The good thing is you will get unlimited storage in the cloud, even though not attractive , this is one of the best feature that we need in the future. This is built with Texas Instruments dual core processor. After seeing this , I don't know its powered by Android 2.3 OS, as there is no evidence, by comparing other Android tabs, and its desktop is different by normal Android tabs. It has a speaker on one side and on the other a single button. Oops still I forget to mention that there is no Mic , so to call some one , need a phone :) forget about video chat,

Yeah it have amazing offer - $79-a-year Amazon Prime service, which offers free two-day shipping and unlimited streaming TV and video, comes as a free 30-day trial for each and every new  Fire owner. Even though it dont have port to connect to HDTV, still if you have a  device that supports Amazon Prime connected to your TV, you can watch a movie on the Fire to your TV.

It also promises a native email client where you can manage multiple accounts, but no demo is shown on the release. But if you really need a tab for read or browse internet this will be good enough and it had to get a Android tab less than $199. In that way it is a wonderful instrument , and can replace iPad, if you are not much bothered of video chat, playing with Apps or worrying of space. More that that its too handy to use.