Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will Motorola phone's ban in US ?

Microsoft is trying all its ways of attacking Android.Motorola was accused by Microsoft on  seven patents , also requested to ban its Phones in United States by International Trade Commission. Microsoft are in full confidence that they will won this legally.

Now it comes as Windows Phone vs Android. Microsoft lose its all hope of capturing the Billion dollar's mobile phone market. Before the android was in market, they were all fighting to step above the iPhone. Now all of them Windows Phone , iOS are tragetting agaist the large Android. The growth of Android is much more and faster than expected by all them. It was a great loss and shock when Google purchase Motorola will its 17000 patents for 12.5 billion.

But it International Trade Commission rules in favor of Microsoft, then it will be a huge loss for Motorola, now Google. Android maker HTC already pays Microsoft $5 per phone for patent infringement and to date brings the software company more money than all its Windows Phone sales combined. May be this makes Microsoft more hope on wining the game with Google. Usually patent lawsuits usually ended in out-of-court settlements . But as the Android is ruling the mobile phone market, no one thinks that an out-of-court settlements will happen. The ITC judge set to issue an initial ruling on November 4 and a final ruling on March 2012.