Monday, August 22, 2011

Next generation of Intel Atom chips - Cedar Trail-M on November

Atom Cedar Trail M platform has two CPUs a 32nm based H2800 clocked at 1.86GHz and H2600 clocked at 1.6GHz priced at $47 and $42. Cedar Trail D and Atom D2700, priced at $52, and Atom D2500, priced at $42, will also be pushed to November.

Launch schedule of its next-generation netbook platform, Cedar Trail-M, from September to November because the platform has encountered some graphics driver issues and has not yet passed certification for Windows 7.The new low-power CPUs should still be ready in time for the holiday season though, and will likely find their way into plenty of netbooks

Cedar Trail processors are built on 32nm manufacturing process and will be the first netbook platform to use the 32nm tech.Cedar Trail is a unified architecture platform. That means it has the processing cores and the GPU on the same die. Cedar Trail graphics are supposed to support DirectX 10.1 and have hardware decoding capabilities for HD content. The best guess on the specific problem is that the platform failed at media encoding. Submitting the drivers for recertification will take time, hence the delay of roughly a month for the launch schedule.