Thursday, August 25, 2011

Google frozen its $182 million Slide

After the launch of Google Plus, its decided that its social gaming, slideshow and widget maker Slide which bought for $182 million to shut down its further enhancement and development. This will be dissolved to Google Plus .As a result of the the Slide founder who is now the Google VP Max Levchin will be leaving Google.Most of the team which worked in Google for Slide, will be looking into other opportunities in Google itself . Even though Slide has launched different products as group-texting app Disco and ,nothing got attracted.

Slides Photovine photo sharing app officially launched last week, Google dont want a competitor from its sister concern it self . As soon as its Google Plus came, it reduced much of Slide�s initial value for the company. The major drawback what we see is for Slide�s products, including Disco, Photovine and Pool Party are , they are not in android, its only for Apples iOS.

Now the question : If Google didnt acquired Skype for $200 Million , what it could have acquired ? What these 100 man hours have used for