Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Find a bug in Facebook and get $500

How much time you spend on Facebook per day,its not less that 30 minutes. Did you fine any bug till now or if you find some thing, you will click back or refresh the page. we are done. But do you know , if you find some bug and if you contact facebook , they will pay you.

The success of each company , especially in online industry is it security and privacy. No companies are ready to compromise on these two factors. There are approximately 750 million users and daily its counting, its latest initiative is to have bug free facebook. They wont say its 100% bug free . This initiative of finding bugs in facebook are called as bug bounty security initiative.Facebook will pay those who expose the loopholes in its security systems as rewards. Since 3 weeks of this imitative , it pays nearly $40,000 . They are receiving eateries from 16 countries.

Now think on other side, How much facebook save money ? they are getting thousands of testes without any effort.