Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dell Makes Thinnest Monitor Yet - S2330MX -

The S2330MX is a 23-inch monitor with DVI and VGA out. Expect the ‘HD’ banding to be all over the place as this is a 1920x1080 screen.The panel is LED backlit, which enables its slim profile.The S2330MX still boasts 2ms response times.When purchasing a monitor, most buyers expect a few key things from their investment: good performance, enough connection options to meet their needs, and a reasonable price.The monitor has flimsy build quality, a very unstable foot stand, and its OSD navigation isn't as smooth as what we've come to expect from Dell. 

S2330MX includes VGA and DVI inputs.Side bezels measure 0.8 inch wide, the full width of the panel is 21.7 inches.S2330MX is devoid of ergonomic options and includes only a 10-degree back tilt.The OSD(onscreen display) itself is has seven preset options, including Standard, Multimedia, Movie, Games, Text, Warm, and Cool .Dell S2330MX through its DVI input, connected to a Windows Vista PC, using our own DVI cable.It has a pretty heavy amount of antiglare (AG) screen coating, but reflections are still possible with objects in close

Color performance, though good overall, was plagued by the nearly impossible-to-escape green hue problem that crops up on many monitors during the color-tracking test.Compared with the Samsung S23A550H, the S2330MX lacks vibrancy and its colors don't pop from the screen quite as well.

 The advantage of LED back-lighting is that it saves a bit of power and produces deeper blacks. Be aware that the monitor has HDMI and DVI adapter before we tell you that the cables that connect to this monitor are thicker than the monitor.

ConnectivityVGA, DVI
Ergonomic options10-degree back tilt
Resolution1,920x1,080 pixels
Aspect ratio16:9
VESA wall mount supportNo
Included video cablesDVI, DVI-to-HDMI adapter
Panel typeTN
Screen filmMatte w/AG coating
Number of presets7
Picture optionsBrightness, Contrast
Color controlsRGB and 2 color temperature options
Gamma controlNo
Additional featuresSharpness