Wednesday, August 31, 2011

125 years of the automobile

Germany the land of automobile brains ,celebrating this year the birth of the automobile. The concept of automobile stated with Carl Benz 125 years ago for a motorised tricycle.200 events has organised from May through September.Some 160 autos mark the evolution of the automobile, including shiny saloons (sedans) from the 20th century and gull-wing sports cars, all of which share the space with works of art by creators like Andy Warhol.

1886, Carl Benz registered a patent for his �vehicle with gas-engine drive with the Berlin Patent Office � marking the birth of the modern automobile. 125 years later, the Daimler Group is celebrating this anniversary with the motto �125! years inventor of the automobile.�

In northern Wolfsburg, Europes biggest carmaker Volkswagen has built an automobile city that is something between an amusement park and science museum. It also has a museum that vaunts the merits of its various brands, which include Audi, Bentley, Seat, and Skoda, along with restaurants and an off-road demonstration space.

Tourists can take the Bertha Benz route used by the engineers wife in 1888 to demonstrate that her husbands invention was suited to daily use, sleep in rooms with auto themes, or listen to a autosymphony created with sounds from 80 automobiles in Mannheim, where Benz applied for his patent.