Monday, July 4, 2011

Hasselblad acquired by Ventizz Capital

Professional camera giant , Hasselblad which is based in Sweden acquired by Ventizz Capital Partners. Hasselblad has been trying hard for its transition to the digital photography . Ventizz Capital will provide new capital for a growth strategy for this . Hong Kong-based Shriro Group was holding Hasselblad since 2003. Ventizz already informed that there wont be any major change in the management or work force. Hasselblad Chairman Larry Hansen said
"Hasselblad is now moving back to its European roots "
Hasselblad cameras are not used for normal photograph. Its cost much more than a digital camera, and is used mostly for Advertisement , Cars, Jewelry, and  it uses larger film to enable higher-quality photos than was possible with normal 35mm film .Hasselblad offers 200-megapixel image. But this costs $45,000, the HD4-200MS, and can combine six shots into a single 200-megapixel image.